People Can’t Change… or Can They?

Haven’t you heard it said at one time or another?: people can’t change. They are who they are. Whatever bad traits they have had in the past, they will have in the future.

But here’s the thing. I know something different. SomeONE different.

I know that when you meet the Person of Jesus Christ you can’t help but be changed. For some, it is immediate and obvious. For others, it is a slower metamorphosis – a subtle shift over time in behavior and thinking. For all, it is a life-long process – one that does not enjoy a “Halleluiah! I’ve arrived!” crescendo but rather a “By the grace of God, I am striving to be better today than I was yesterday” revolving chorus.

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Marriage Advice from a Singleton

Earlier this month, my Goddaughter got married.

What does a Singleton have to offer in the way of marital advice, you ask? Lots. Because it’s not so much “marital advice” as it is thoughts on how to love well. How to love beyond yourself. And how to love like Jesus.

To Bryan and Lindsey. May your marriage be a ministry that points many to God and the truth of His great love.


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When 1+1+1=1

How do you even begin to wrap your head around the idea that three persons can be One Person? Especially in the world we live in where we so value our individuality. No one else has our same fingerprints, same DNA, same mix of thoughts/experiences/skills/passions/etc. etc. etc. We love the idea that we are the only us on the planet (I mean, you have to admit that is pretty cool). But what if for just a moment we allow our minds to expand a bit?…

…if we start with the idea that we don’t know everything there is to know. Can we all agree with that? No matter how incredibly learned or insightful we are, there are some things that despite our greatest research and theorizing, we ultimately just do not have the absolute, without a doubt, 100% accurate answer to. Like creation for example. How in the world did all of this start? How in the world did we start?

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Garden Moments

An interesting thing can happen when you listen to God’s Word. It’s amazing what can jump out at you this way. I usually listen while walking and at times have had to literally stop as I say to myself, that cannot be what the Bible really says – and sure enough after checking the printed text on my phone, there it is. I’d just not read it the same way I’d heard it.*

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Loving Well is Hard

Can I admit something blasphemous this Valentine’s Day?…

Loving well is hard.

There. I said it.

Well, or if not hard, at least not our normal tendency in our natural state.

We come out of the womb self-seeking. I mean, we’re babies…all that we know is to need warmth, food, comfort. But at some point (usually around that dreaded toddler stage) we have to be taught that contrary to what our tiny, growing brains think, the world does not revolve around us. We have to learn to be patient, to (gasp) share, to even possibly consider someone else (their feelings, their needs, their wants) before our ourselves.

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