People Can’t Change… or Can They?

Haven’t you heard it said at one time or another?: people can’t change. They are who they are. Whatever bad traits they have had in the past, they will have in the future.

But here’s the thing. I know something different. SomeONE different.

I know that when you meet the Person of Jesus Christ you can’t help but be changed. For some, it is immediate and obvious. For others, it is a slower metamorphosis – a subtle shift over time in behavior and thinking. For all, it is a life-long process – one that does not enjoy a “Halleluiah! I’ve arrived!” crescendo but rather a “By the grace of God, I am striving to be better today than I was yesterday” revolving chorus.

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Marriage Advice from a Singleton

Earlier this month, my Goddaughter got married.

What does a Singleton have to offer in the way of marital advice, you ask? Lots. Because it’s not so much “marital advice” as it is thoughts on how to love well. How to love beyond yourself. And how to love like Jesus.

To Bryan and Lindsey. May your marriage be a ministry that points many to God and the truth of His great love.


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