Michelle-Seymour-headshotLife is full of opportunities that matter. Every day we get to choose the things we say, how we interact with others and which issues we will take a stand for.

At the end of the day, I just want to be a good image-bearer of God and serve Him well. As a Human. As a Woman. As the Michelle that He has created me uniquely to be according to Psalm 139. Whatever He puts in front of me, at any point in time – whether difficult or easy, bold or afraid, in power or in weakness.

In this 40-something year journey so far on planet earth, I am grateful for the lessons He has taught me…even the hard ones. Lessons like:

  •  The only things that really matter and will have impact into eternity are measuring our behavior and actions against His Truths and stewarding the relationships that He gives us.
  •  There is nothing that I can screw up so bad that He can’t fix it – because it’s just not about what a great screw up I am, it’s about what a great Fixer He is.
  •  And, as the cliché goes, life is not a dress rehearsal. This IS our only chance. It’s the only one we get.

None of us is promised tomorrow or even our next breath, so what are we doing day to day that matters? How are the decisions and actions and conversations and relationships that we are engaged in TODAY impacting eternity?…because it DOES make a difference.

I pray that this will be a space on the vast interwebs – a space among a million other spaces – where you might find some things to think about to that end. It’s an amazing opportunity and an amazing responsibility: this life that we have been given. Let’s encourage one another to make it count.

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