Garden Moments

An interesting thing can happen when you listen to God’s Word. It’s amazing what can jump out at you this way. I usually listen while walking and at times have had to literally stop as I say to myself, that cannot be what the Bible really says – and sure enough after checking the printed text on my phone, there it is. I’d just not read it the same way I’d heard it.*

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Loving Well is Hard

Can I admit something blasphemous this Valentine’s Day?…

Loving well is hard.

There. I said it.

Well, or if not hard, at least not our normal tendency in our natural state.

We come out of the womb self-seeking. I mean, we’re babies…all that we know is to need warmth, food, comfort. But at some point (usually around that dreaded toddler stage) we have to be taught that contrary to what our tiny, growing brains think, the world does not revolve around us. We have to learn to be patient, to (gasp) share, to even possibly consider someone else (their feelings, their needs, their wants) before our ourselves.

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