When 1+1+1=1

How do you even begin to wrap your head around the idea that three persons can be One Person? Especially in the world we live in where we so value our individuality. No one else has our same fingerprints, same DNA, same mix of thoughts/experiences/skills/passions/etc. etc. etc. We love the idea that we are the only us on the planet (I mean, you have to admit that is pretty cool). But what if for just a moment we allow our minds to expand a bit?…

…if we start with the idea that we don’t know everything there is to know. Can we all agree with that? No matter how incredibly learned or insightful we are, there are some things that despite our greatest research and theorizing, we ultimately just do not have the absolute, without a doubt, 100% accurate answer to. Like creation for example. How in the world did all of this start? How in the world did we start?

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