When 1+1+1=1

How do you even begin to wrap your head around the idea that three persons can be One Person? Especially in the world we live in where we so value our individuality. No one else has our same fingerprints, same DNA, same mix of thoughts/experiences/skills/passions/etc. etc. etc. We love the idea that we are the only us on the planet (I mean, you have to admit that is pretty cool). But what if for just a moment we allow our minds to expand a bit?…

…if we start with the idea that we don’t know everything there is to know. Can we all agree with that? No matter how incredibly learned or insightful we are, there are some things that despite our greatest research and theorizing, we ultimately just do not have the absolute, without a doubt, 100% accurate answer to. Like creation for example. How in the world did all of this start? How in the world did we start?

Many (including the Ph.D and M.D. variety) have come to the conclusion that those tasks required a creator. Some ONE set this all in motion. Christians believe that Someone is actually encompassed in three distinct Persons: God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. But how in the world can that be possible? How can three completely separate entities at the same time be one God?

I think I’ve heard someone describe it before like water. It can be liquid, ice or steam. But it’s still H2O. Only its form has changed. Only its physical property has changed. But its “make-up” is still the same. The essence of what it is, it is.

Recently I saw the movie, The Shack. I read the book years ago. Now, I’m aware that this can be a bit controversial for folks for a couple of reasons. Believe you, me, I’m right there with anyone who stands for the truth of God’s inerrant Word and a healthy reverence for our Creator. I, personally, don’t feel the movie was irreverent or completely off-base theologically. There may have been a few creative choices that were a bit on the line but the overarching theme was pretty sound. And it was so very thought-provoking in its message.

God chooses to make Himself known to us through three distinct Persons. Each represents different characteristics of who He is. God, the all-knowing, all-merciful, all-loving Father. Jesus, the relatable, understandable, patient Friend. The promised Holy Spirit – our Guide, our Comfort, our Advocate. All different. And yet all the same. All with the same mission, the same passion, the same driving force: US. God wanting to not only be known to us but be known by us.

There were so many times during that short one and a half hours in the theatre that I caught my breath and was overwhelmed by this thought: God really is that way. That really is His character. God really does love me that much.

A long time ago I came to this conclusion: I don’t have to understand it all (and p.s. I think it would be really arrogant for me to say that I do). My confidence is not in what I know. My confidence is in something – some ONE – much higher. I actually find it a huge relief. God can do what He wants. And be who He wants.

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.
2 Corinthians 13:14

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