Who am I?

Last week we considered how big God is. Let’s just assume, based on that line of thinking that you’re tracking with me and willing to at least ponder the following facts: a. You don’t know what you don’t know. b. Some of the scientific discoveries that man has made most certainly point to an Intelligent Designer. c. It takes just as much faith to believe some other explanation as to how we came to be as it does to believe that we were created by an all-knowing, all-powerful and all-present God.

Who am I 700

Given those assumptions, let’s begin…

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How Big is God?

As I’ve gotten a little older and, hopefully, a little wiser, I’ve come to realize one thing for certain: I do not know what I do not know. I mean, my goodness, just the world that I can see is filled with so many things that I either:
a. have limited understanding of,
b. can’t understand at all or
c. just plain don’t even know about (yet)!

andromeda-galaxy 700

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More Than Cookies

In a December post, I told you about a friend of mine who made a bunch of homemade Christmas cookies for prison inmates. That whole scenario got me thinking…


But before I go there, allow me to summarize (in a clearly abbreviated way) what it appears to me was God’s plan for living “with” us. (at least according to my little brain reading my Big Bible):

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To Plan or Not to Plan

Are you a resolution maker?   Did you make any this year?

I’m not huge on “New Years resolutions” per se but I do like to have a goal in front of me on a pretty regular basis. It feels like it just helps give life some shape and purpose (not that there aren’t a myriad of other things that do that as well). There’s just something about learning something new. Or challenging yourself. Or just plain STARTING a thing and actually FINISHING it! Know what I mean?

Then there’s the tracking. Oh, how I love the tracking! I’m tracking this post, in fact. Right now. On my little “Considering Eternity grid.” (Seriously. I’m a little weird like that).

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This Year…


I want to give more than I take,
listen more than I speak,
heal more than I hurt,
empathize more than I criticize
(starting in my own head before a word leaves my lips).

I want to be generous —
with my money, with my time and with my heart.

I want to practice patience and calm. And more patience.

I want to assume the best…the good…the innocent in others.

This year I want to be less about social media and more about social connection.

This year…
I want to tip the scales: to do things, think things, dream things, live things –
that have more eternal value than earthly gain.

This year…
I want it to be less and less about me – and more and more about the One who created me.

God willing, we get 365 days…how will you use yours?