How Big is God?

As I’ve gotten a little older and, hopefully, a little wiser, I’ve come to realize one thing for certain: I do not know what I do not know. I mean, my goodness, just the world that I can see is filled with so many things that I either:
a. have limited understanding of,
b. can’t understand at all or
c. just plain don’t even know about (yet)!

andromeda-galaxy 700

Given that, how can I draw a definitive line in the sand and say “x” is impossible? How can I create a self-imposed “thought box” and say anything outside of this is untrue, unreliable, unintelligent or unworthy of my consideration? How arrogant would I be to place such a high regard and credence on my personal opinion? Even with my own faith, I say, “I believe…based on my own experience and reasoning” while still quickly volunteering that I just don’t know what I don’t know.

I’ll be the first to admit I don’t understand all of this from a scientific point of view, but I remember watching a video at a friend’s a few months back. The video was about a group of professors, scientists and authors who had gotten together to investigate the idea of intelligent design. As they picked apart the complexity of human DNA, they could only determine that there was no way that the complicated “mini-machine” could have happened by accident. Nothing similar to it does. Some of them had to reject their own theories because of this new information.

Then you take the fact that we are discovering new stars, planets and galaxies today where at one time we put a cosmic period. Nope. Sorry folks. This is the end of the line. Riiiiiiight here! Ok…now, … here! Wait…no, now… You get the idea.

We have technology and information that allows us to see 2000x what we can see with our naked eye. TWO THOUSAND TIMES! That’s some serious magnification. And that’s potential for some seriously inadequate human reasoning based on what we think we know…based on the limited knowledge we’ve accumulated in our tiny lives thus far with our tiny brains on this one tiny planet.

I like to think God has a chuckle when we think we’ve “discovered” something new. There is nothing new to Him. He’s created it from the beginning of time. I like to think of Him with His hands cupped together – like a father telling his daughter, “want to see just a peak more?” He opens His hands just the tiniest of cracks and enlightens us. Silly humans that we are, we try to take the credit for some new idea or discovery when, really, God’s only showing us what has already been there all along – medical advances, “break-through” technology, the furthest stars in the sky…exist because he brought them into existence and only allows us to be aware of it – a tiny bit at a time.

“Where were you when I laid the earth’s foundation? Tell me, if you understand.”
Job 38:4

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  1. Thanks Michelle. It was a great start to my day to look at the magnitude of God and to come humbly before him in thanks for his blessings.

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