On God Being Glorified

Mary Jackson is a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, an athlete and most importantly, a child of God whose heart’s desire is to glorify Him – even if only He sees. She and her husband, Morgan, have traveled to nearly every continent of the world where they have seen countless lives impacted by experiencing God’s Word in the heart language through the ministry Faith Comes By Hearing. She lives a life that counts in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


My husband and I love hiking in the high country of Colorado. We go every summer.  I’m a big fan of nature and God has shown me many aspects of His nature through the outdoors.  He has also taught me many lessons.  This one is about the beauty of wildflowers……..


His creation ALWAYS astounds me, blesses me and humbles me!  I think it’s the wildflowers that always get to me……they bloom right where they are, beautiful and radiant whether they are seen by any eyes or not. Their existence is brief but beautiful and most often ONLY witnessed by God alone.  Their sole purpose is to glorify Him! Continue reading

Dear 13-Year-Old Self

Not long ago, I was honored when a friend asked me to be part of a special gift for her daughter’s 13th birthday. She was compiling a keepsake book and had asked some friends to share some encouraging words. What a blessing for her to have. What a blessing for me to write.

To Macy (on this milestone birthday):

At 40-something, single/never married and the most content and happy to serve Jesus that I have ever been in my life, this is what I WISH someone would have told me at 13…


The Creator of the Universe made YOU in His Image because He saw that it was good to do so. He made YOU with incredible forethought and special design to do things on this earth and have experiences and be in relationships that only YOU can do and be in. Continue reading

Life As We Know It

I’m hesitant to write this post as it has the potential to create some controversy. At the end of the day, we can’t be afraid of that though, can we? (well, we can be, but how is that living a life that counts?!)  

I probably should start with a disclosure: I do believe that the Bible is the inspired, inerrant Word of God. I also believe that we are incredibly limited in our ability to fully understand God due to the fact that our ways are not His ways and our thoughts are not His thoughts. (Is 55:8). No matter how hard we may try (oh, and I also believe that He does want us to try), we just cannot even begin to grasp or comprehend the vastness in every possible way imaginable that is our Creator.


That said… even when portions of Scripture appear to be in conflict with one another, I think we have to remember that we are making that determination based on our limited understanding. Continue reading


I don’t always have “super spiritual” moments with God, but when I do, I try to pay attention. I figure He wants to teach me something…unveil one of the many truths about His Word or His Character that I haven’t picked up on in my twenty-some years as a striving Christ-follower. On this day, it was during a morning bike ride (incidentally, hands down one of the best things about living in New Mexico – besides the fact that the sun shines 95% of the time and there’s no humidity!). It was at about mile 5 that I found myself thinking about a relationship that has significantly changed over the past year. It made me feel sad – and it made me feel disappointed. Then I started thinking about other relationships that have been disappointing over my short lifetime…

As I considered this, I found they all had one thing in common. It was the disappointment of the “not working out” that drove me to the feet of Jesus. Thankfully, I’m learning to get there a little more quickly now.


As I imagined myself at the foot of the cross, kneeling at the blood-stained feet of the One who went there willingly, I prayed to God: Lord, if I have to go through disappointment after disappointment in this life in order to be driven to Your feet…in order to constantly have my eyes fixed on You and on eternity, then it is worth it. In the Bible, Paul talked about having a “thorn in his side” that kept him mindful of God (2 Cor 12:7). Continue reading