The Measure of (A) Man

Some days I only know that there’s a whole lot of stuff I don’t know.

The last few weeks have held several of those days.

I consider myself to be a decent human being. In that, I want my fellow human beings to be happy, to live fulfilled lives, to feel accepted and validated. But I also consider myself a Christian – one who tries to follow the teaching and example of Jesus Christ. One who believes that the same Jesus who I base my faith on, spoke of eternity – one with a real Heaven and a real Hell. He shared many times, both in word and by his actions, that as someone who would follow after him, it is incumbent on me to often be a nonconformist by this world’s standards and to share the reason for the hope that I have beyond it.


As I think about these two different self-evaluations and compelling interests, and in light of the recent SCOTUS ruling, Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner transformation and other debatable issues of our day, I wonder how can I possibly live both roles? How can I be supportive of my fellow sojourners on this earth and at the same time stay true to the faith which I try to base my life on? How can I narrow the gap that so often seems to exist between the things that feel like they should be right to me and the things that are right to God? How can I possibly reconcile this?

Then I step back and realize…I can’t.

I am measuring with the wrong yardstick. Because my ways are not God’s ways and his thoughts are not my thoughts, I will never be able to “make sense” of my perceived injustices in and about the world. I want everything to be ok for everyone. That makes me feel good, makes me feel tolerant, accepting, open-minded, etc. But the reality is that I am not the Author and Founder and Creator of the Universe. I don’t get to make the rules. And, in fact, I’m pretty glad about that as I’m 100% sure that I would muck it up. (Proverbs 14:12)

As much as we might like, we can’t twist and tweak our tiny (and incredibly limited) human thoughts, opinions and viewpoints to make them fit God’s. And that’s ok. In fact, it’s very good. If we could, it would make God much less than who He is. And, if we’re going to base our faith on the fact that a person who was fully God and fully man walked the earth, died on a cross, rose again and has the power to reconcile us back to our Creator, what’s the point of that? I mean, that’s pretty radical right there. Given that…He either IS or He isn’t. He either meant the things He said or He didn’t.

Contrary to what all of us like to believe at one time or another, WE ARE NOT THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE. Our Father God offers us one of the most common (albeit sometimes frustrating) parental responses to these kinds of issues: “Because I said so.” And, sometimes, isn’t it ok to not have it all figured out?…to accept that our measure of “acceptance,” “freedom” and “tolerance” is not the same as the One who created those very concepts and indeed authors our lives and orders our steps?

Try putting your SELF aside for just a minute.    Feel that?…
Isn’t it just the smallest bit of relief?

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the LORD.
Isaiah 55:8

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