Are You My Husband?

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Remember the children’s book about the little bird who couldn’t find it’s mama?
It went from animal to animal asking “are you my mother?”

The following is a creative spin on that as imagined by this long-term Singleton.
Thank you, P.D. Eastman for the inspiration!


To every girl, everywhere, of every age…
who has ever looked for, will look for, is looking for…
her Husband.                                                                                     

May you find Him – and live happily ever after.

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A young girl grew into a young woman. Though she really wanted the best life had to offer – she was a bit impatient to wait for it. She was ready (at least in her mind). She was ready.

People who loved and cared about her had helped her along. They had given her the best example they could. They had offered her advice. They had even tried to protect her and keep her from getting hurt. But she was young. And she was ready.

“Where is my husband?” she said. She set out to look for him…

She looked at her surroundings – those things that she was comfortable with. She did not see him. She looked for a reflection of her values – those things that she held most dear. She did not see him.

“I will go and look for him,” she said. So away she went.

Far, far, far from her family and friends – from those who loved her and knew her and wanted the best for her – she went. It was very far indeed. Even though she had been taught that patience was a virtue, still she did not wait. “Now I will go and find my husband,” she said.

She did not know what her husband looked like. In fact, she went right by Him. He saw her…but did not stop her.

She came to a boy playing sports. He was muscular and very popular. He carried a football. And he carried her heart. “Are you my husband?” she said to the sports boy. The sports boy just looked at her. He did not say a thing. The sports boy was not her husband, so she went on.

She came to a smart guy who loved learning. He was philosophical and asked lots of deep questions. He wrote poetry and watched foreign films. “Are you my husband?” she asked the smart guy. “No,” said the smart guy. The sports boy was not her husband. The smart guy was not her husband. So the girl went on.

“I have to find my husband!” she said. “But where? Where is he? Where could he be?” Then she came to a wild rebel. He did what he shouldn’t do and didn’t do what he should do. She liked him right away. “Are you my husband?” she said to the wild rebel. “How could I be your husband? I am a wild rebel,” said the wild rebel.

The sports boy was not her husband. The smart guy was not her husband. The wild rebel was not her husband.

So the young woman went on.

Now she came to an older man. He was worldly and experienced. He bought her things and took her fancy places. “Are you my husband?” she said to the older man. “I am not your husband.” said the older man. “I am an older man.”

The sports boy and the smart guy were not her husband. The wild rebel and the older man were not her husband.

Did she have a husband?

“I do have a husband,” said the girl. “I know I do. I have to find him. I will. I WILL!” Now the girl looked more urgently.

Perhaps she had missed something. Was there someone from college? High school? Grade school?!! No, it could not be. But the young woman did not stop. She looked and she looked.

Now, she looked harder. An internet love connection? A speed dating whirlwind romance? Every profile she created spoke volumes, “Are you my husband?,” she wrote. But the profiles didn’t match. The tunes didn’t harmonize. The fish didn’t mingle.

She looked far, far away. “Here I am, husband!” she called to the universe. But the universe did not answer. Life went on.

Finally, when she least expected it (just as so many wiser, older women had told her would be the case) the young woman felt something she’d never felt before. This must be her husband! “There he is!” she said. “There is my husband.” She ran right up to him. “Husband, Husband! Here I am, Husband!” she said to the man. He seemed very interested for a short time, but before long, the man who made her breath catch and her eyes dance just said, “Humph” and acted aloof. “Oh, you are not my husband,” said the young woman. “You are aloof. I have to get out of here!” But the girl could not get away. The aloof man went back and forth – Interested. Aloof. Interested. Aloof. And he took the young woman along for the whole ride. But now, where was The Aloof going? “Oh, oh, oh! What is this aloof man going to do to me? Get me out of here!” Just then, The Aloof stopped all efforts at communicating and even trying. “Where am I?” said the young woman. “I want to go home! I want my husband!”

Then something happened. The aloof man and all the others, in their “wrongness” pointed the girl to the right place. They pointed her back home.

Just then the hand of God reached out for her and He said to her, “Do you know who I am?

“You are not a sports boy. You are not a smart guy. You are not a wild rebel. You are not an older man. You are not a distant memory from the past. You are not a cyber-romance. And You are certainly not aloof!”

“You are God…
and you are my Husband.”

“For your Maker is your husband – the Lord Almighty is his name— the Holy One of Israel is your Redeemer;
he is called the God of all the earth.”

Isaiah 54:5

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