A Modern Day Psalm

God, you alone are Sovereign.
You alone number the days of every man and orchestrate his path.
You know his thoughts. You know his inner workings.
You know his most secret motives, longings and short-comings.

God, you set up governments and leaders.
You work Your plan out through both the righteous and the unrighteous
for Your Name’s sake.

God, You give us both a voice to speak and ears to hear.
More than that, You give us a mind to gain wisdom and understanding
and a heart to beat with compassion.

Lord, be with our leaders and give them wisdom as they lead.
Wisdom as only You can – to seek not to be right, but to be righteous.
help us to remember that as well, God.

Lord, be with us and give us patience and grace
mercy and forgiveness.
Help us to remember that You call each one of us to different stations in life –
each with its own responsibility and accountability.

Help us to remember that we will all stand before You.
We will all give an account for every action. Every word. Every deed.
Help us to remember that we all fall short – Every day. And in every way.

Help us to be merciful to our co-laborers on planet earth
and remember that their calling is different from ours
but that we, each one of us, desire to be supported and validated in that calling.

Help us to pray for one another, God, and not to wish each other harm but only good things.
Heal those places that need healing.
Strengthen those places that need strengthening.
Humble those places that need humbling.

More than anything, be with us, Lord.
Guide us in Your way.
Help us each to be the people you have called us to be.
Nothing more
but also nothing less.

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