Gold, Frankincense, Myrrh…and Cookies?

For Berni.
Thank you being the hands & feet of Jesus – in big things and in small things. And thank you for cookies!  xo

About this same time last year I had lunch and caught up with a friend. The following is what transpired…

During the holiday season, like many of us, Berni’s schedule is pretty full.  There’s the typical stuff – the gift buying, social events, preparations that go into planning the perfect family gathering…but for my friend, Berni, there’s more. She’s involved in a couple of outreach efforts in her community. We were talking about them and there was one that struck me. It struck me in its simplicity…and at the same time, in its great sacrifice. For the past few years,  Berni has been going to a prison to help with a holiday party for inmates and their families. They spend a few hours together – sharing a meal and eating cookies. I think they may also exchange gifts. I don’t know. I was too distracted by the cookies. But not in the way you might think…

cmas cookies 2

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Time for a Name Change

One of my favorite lessons from the Bible is found in the Old Testament. The backstory: after doing many years of less than honorable things and then a good 14 years of (mostly) honorable things, Jacob is preparing to meet his brother. This was a big deal, you see, because on the list of ‘less than honorable things’ was stealing said brother’s blessing from his dying father (I know, right?!).

So, at one point during his travels Jacob instructs his family to trek on ahead without him. He spends the night alone. Personally, I think he had some soul searching to do. That night he wrestled with God and would not let him go until He blessed him (now, that’s tenacity folks!). Finally, God said “Your name will no longer be Jacob, but Israel, because you have struggled with God and with men and have overcome.” (Gen 32: 22-32). I want to be that stubborn in my relationship with God.

There were times when Jesus gave people a name change.
Saul became Paul…after he was radically converted from the chief persecutor of Christ-followers to the chief missionary to them.
Simon became Peter…the rock on which Christ would build His church. This name change came about when Simon recognized who Jesus was – Son of the living God.

So why the name change of the blog? The simple answer is found in the definitions below…
Consider: to think carefully about, especially in order to make a decision; contemplate; reflect on.
Eternity: infinite time; duration without beginning or end.

The slightly expanded answer: About eight months ago a little project formed in response to something I felt prompted to do (more than 10 years later, but you know what they say…). was the result. I felt like “Living a Life that Counts” captured the essence of the message I hoped to share.

After a bit more time has passed though, I realize that isn’t enough. See, I believe, from a place of very deep conviction, that this life is only a blink in comparison to that which is ahead of us. I also believe that the way we live today very directly impacts and influences that future. To that end, I’m not interested in simply promoting a live life with purpose just because you’re here and you can kind of message but rather a live life with purpose…because YOUR FUTURE DEPENDS ON IT kind of message. Does that make sense?

So, here we are. You. Me. And anyone else who wants to join us on this journey. I believe that God truly has set eternity in every human heart. And it is from that place that we seek to understand our existence and why it matters. …how our day to day choices, interactions, thoughts, words, beliefs, etc. play a role in shaping our lives and the lives of those around us.

If eternity is a real thing (and I believe 100% that it is), than those things are important to consider – every day and in every way. Let’s make it count!

He has made everything beautiful in its time.
He has also set eternity in the human heart;
yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.
Ecc 3:11

Keep Preparing

I don’t know about you, but when God “speaks” to me, He tends to use incredibly short sentences. I’m guessing that’s because it’s all this tiny brain can handle.

Recently, I watched in awe along with fellow humans as the earth cast its shadow on the full moon causing it to be completely engulfed in darkness – well, except for the fact that the sun’s rays still lit it up making it turn an interesting redish color, hence the term “blood moon.” The most recent one was particularly exceptional because it marked the fourth time this event has happened in the past 2 years. Brainiac scientists as well as certain modern day religious figures have determined that is significant for a variety of reasons that I won’t go into here. If you’re curious about it, you can find a pluthera of info from a quick Google search.

Ok, that said…

As I watched the sky that evening – as that bright, huge ball of light overhead was slowly engulfed, it seemed almost in slow motion, bit by bit – one thing kept playing over and over in my mind: What is man that you are mindful of him, and the son of man that you care for him? Psalm 8:4.

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10 Things To Master

I’ve been on a health kick. Unfortunately (and along with a good majority of us in the good ole U.S. of A.), I’m not one of those people who has the “my body is a lean, mean, athletic specimen of human existence and I love carrots & kale more than chocolate” gene. So for people like me, our health is something we must work at. It doesn’t come “naturally.” Sometimes we have to train, discipline and just plain beat into submission: our bodies, our appetites and our stubborn will (that always wants what it wants when it wants it)!


So, I was thinking the other day, what else in our lives do we have to discipline or strive to “master?” What other things in our day to day realities, left completely to themselves, would likely wreak havoc on an otherwise (mostly) peaceful journey through this world?

We may delve a little deeper at a later time, but for now, let’s just start with a list:

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Let Me Be An Addition and A Multiplier

To my friend, Scott.
Thank you for being an Addition and a Multiplier.
Has it really been so many years since this conversation?

I met him for lunch…this person I knew from a ministry that had touched my world but was a much bigger part of his. We didn’t know each other well then. Today I can’t remember if the purpose of our meeting was for me to help him or for him to help me. As it is, I hope we helped each other – if not that day, at least over time.


Our conversation quickly moved beyond normal pleasantries. I’ve never been one to shy away from “going deep” in relationships (in fact, I much prefer it), so this was fine with me.  We talked about the great freedom that comes in being authentic and transparent. I’m sure we talked about the risk and vulnerability involved there as well.  We discussed the purpose of various relationships in our lives – connections that can either change the way we think about the world, or pass us by without a second thought.

He shared with me that he once heard a church pastor describe it this way — there are four kinds of people in the world: Additions, Subtractions, Multipliers and Dividers.

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