It’s been a crazy summer.

I know you haven’t been holding your breath waiting for yet another (insert sarcasm) mind-blowing, earth-shattering, life-altering Considering Eternity post, but I feel the need to address the fact that I’ve been MIA. I could tell you that it’s because of a variety of life changes (bought a house + minor reno projects. Selling a house = argh! Lots of travel for FCBH – in the States but also 10 days in Peru with 6 amazing ladies. Family. Just…family.), but remember how I like to try to be honest…even with myself…even when it hurts? Well, mostly I’ve been MIA because I’ve been distracted. It’s been one of those “good distractions” but still…

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The Big Picture

I’ve been thinking this week about what happens when we try to understand a situation or person without taking the totality of the Big Picture into consideration. If we’re not careful, we can be quick to prejudge or evaluate a circumstance based on a very limited understanding of the information available to us. It truly can be a “can’t see the forest for the trees” type situation. Or like looking at one puzzle piece out of 500 and thinking you can adequately experience the whole scene. Seems kind of ridiculous, doesn’t it?

puzzle 700 soften

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The Purple Unicorn

If we’re honest, don’t we all want to know that we’re special? We want to know that there is something uniquely unique about our “me-ness” that we have to offer to the world – and to others. We want to know that if we weren’t here, life would be just a little bit different. Not necessarily better or worse (though hopefully worse without us) …but at least, different.

purple unicorn 700

I think God made us that way.

He made us with something deep within us that desires to be known, desires to be recognized, desires to be understood.

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God’s Curio Cabinet

The little girl eyed her treasure with great appreciation. Her father had given it to her with special instructions. The gift was precious. It wasn’t an “everyday use” kind of gift. In fact, it really shouldn’t be used until the “proper time”. He was pleased to give it to her and he wanted her to enjoy it. He even wanted her to have it before she could fully appreciate it – so that she could learn to appreciate it.

He would keep it high on a shelf where it could be protected until its proper time for use. But occasionally, they could take it down together and, under his watchful eye, she could hold it, inspect it, wonder about it, dream about the day that it could be fully utilized…

curio 2

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Are You My Husband?

Areyoumymother SM

Remember the children’s book about the little bird who couldn’t find it’s mama?
It went from animal to animal asking “are you my mother?”

The following is a creative spin on that as imagined by this long-term Singleton.
Thank you, P.D. Eastman for the inspiration!


To every girl, everywhere, of every age…
who has ever looked for, will look for, is looking for…
her Husband.                                                                                     

May you find Him – and live happily ever after.

little girl in white dress 700

A young girl grew into a young woman. Though she really wanted the best life had to offer – she was a bit impatient to wait for it. She was ready (at least in her mind). She was ready.

People who loved and cared about her had helped her along. They had given her the best example they could. They had offered her advice. They had even tried to protect her and keep her from getting hurt. But she was young. And she was ready.

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