On God Being Glorified

Mary Jackson is a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, an athlete and most importantly, a child of God whose heart’s desire is to glorify Him – even if only He sees. She and her husband, Morgan, have traveled to nearly every continent of the world where they have seen countless lives impacted by experiencing God’s Word in the heart language through the ministry Faith Comes By Hearing. She lives a life that counts in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


My husband and I love hiking in the high country of Colorado. We go every summer.  I’m a big fan of nature and God has shown me many aspects of His nature through the outdoors.  He has also taught me many lessons.  This one is about the beauty of wildflowers……..


His creation ALWAYS astounds me, blesses me and humbles me!  I think it’s the wildflowers that always get to me……they bloom right where they are, beautiful and radiant whether they are seen by any eyes or not. Their existence is brief but beautiful and most often ONLY witnessed by God alone.  Their sole purpose is to glorify Him!

We humans exist to glorify God as well.  Maybe even more as we are created in His image.  We want what we say and do to matter and be noticed by others……but what really should matter is did it glorify God?  Bringing joy and beauty into the lives around you may not always be noticed or appreciated, but like the wildflowers that bloom on a high mountain side where no one may pass, still glorifies God.

I remember so vividly when Mary shared the above with me. It was one of those “altar moments” – one to remember. Defining. We had asked if she would lead a devotion at a women’s event. The theme was “Fulfilling His Purpose.” As she and I sat together and she explained what she would talk about, tears began to form in my eyes. Yes! This was MY story. This perfectly captured my heart’s cry more than seven years ago, “God…does my life even matter? Am I just taking up space here? What is the point?”

But I believed it wasn’t just my story. I believed it was many women’s. Maybe even a humankind kind-of-story?…

Now, here was Mary talking about the wildflowers…and that the very reason for their existence was simply to glorify God – whether anyone ever saw them or not! As we considered the upcoming event, I prayed for the women who would attend. I prayed that whatever their circumstances, their life choices, their day-in-day-out activity – that they would know that they mattered – simply because they existed…whether anyone ever “saw” them or not.

 For all things are from him, by him, and for him. Glory belongs to him forever! Amen. Romans 11:36

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