How to Listen to God – Part II

Let’s pick back up with Anet Jackson as she gives a little more guidance on this Listening to God business…

What? Could it really be that simple? You mean I don’t have to carve out at least an hour a day with my “God agenda” to include a certain prescribed amount of: singing songs, confessing sin, prayer requests, etc. etc. etc. I’m being kind of cheeky, but seriously. Sometimes, don’t we make things much more difficult than they need to be? I mean, of course, there’s a time for all of those things – just like each of our relationships has varied dynamics and times for different expressions of our emotions. But also (just like each of our relationships) God wants to just be with us. And He wants two way communication – as much as he wants to hear from us, He wants to speak to us.

What if we took Anet’s advice and tried it?

I double-dog dare you. Let’s do it. For the next week, let’s commit just 5 minutes a day to be quiet before the Lord and see if He says anything to us.

Got your pen and paper ready?

Pray. Lord, is there anything you want to speak to me or want me to do today?

Listen. Here’s where you make use of that pen and paper. Write it down. ANYTHING that pops into your mind. No matter what. Buy your neighbor flowers. Call Aunt Sally. Walk around your block and pray. Apologize to your co-worker. No cheating – if you even think God’s giving you a nudge…write it!

Obey. Now do it! Let me add this one disclaimer here: God will NEVER contradict Himself. If you think you hear something from Him and it doesn’t line up with Scripture or His overall character, chances are it is NOT Him (He’s not going to ask you to do something that goes against that – i.e. commit murder, etc.). Just putting that out there in case you are new to this listening to God thing. If you have any concerns about something you think God is asking of you or speaking to you, seek GODLY council as well as searching His Word for what He might have already said about a matter.

Are you in? Are you “ALL in”? I’m excited. Let’s check back in a week and see what happens…

Lord, Speak to Your people. Help us to hear from You and be good representatives of You here. Work through us to accomplish Your purposes. We want to see You glorified in this process. Thank You for letting us be a small part of making Your Name great. Amen.

“…Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it.”
Luke 11:28


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