How to Listen to God
 (it’s easier than you think)

We all need people in our lives we can go to for a little advice and guidance. I’m excited to introduce you to one of my “such people” today.

I’ve referenced the ministry I work for in previous posts and also on the Travel & Speaking page. There, I also note when I have the opportunity to share with co-founder, Anet Jackson. Anet is a powerhouse for the Lord. She has wild God stories that just need to be written down (and we’re working on that!). When Anet starts talking, I feel like a little kid that just wants to sit cross-legged at her feet and listen until she’s too tired to talk anymore.

This is Anet. Does she not just look like trouble (in a good way) for the Kingdom of God?!

Anet informal

She’s as adventurous as I am a chicken. I love to ask her random questions about what her travels were like…at 18…in her 40s…at 55…and now at age 81! What was it like when she met her husband, Jerry? Did she ever go crazy living in a bus with a husband and four young children? Was she nervous when she went to another country, didn’t know who she was meeting or how to get where she needed to go? How did she do all of that without a cell phone? GPS? Laptop?!!

When I moved from the Midwest to New Mexico to work for Faith Comes By Hearing, it was a big deal. Like, it was more than a job, it was an answer from God to a prayer to give my life purpose. I knew that this was it. It was my “all in” moment and there was no return.

So, awesome, now, I work for this amazing Great Commission ministry…but that’s work. I’m paid to do that (not that I don’t whole-heartedly believe in it, because I absolutely do!). But, I wanted to serve God with my WHOLE life. In the day to day – no matter when it was or where it was. I was feeling overwhelmed about it, honestly. Until I got some advice from Anet. And she made it wonderfully simple.

We recently captured it on video.
I pray you find it as encouragingly easy as I did. Enjoy!

Be back later this week for more practical “all in” thoughts.

Listen to advice and accept instruction, that you may gain wisdom in the future.
Proverbs 19:20

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